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Highly Reliable
Electronic Circuits

in Designing
Highly Reliable Electronic Circuits

System Design

In the dynamic field of electronics, system design holds a pivotal role in the success of hardware development. This process involves a detailed blueprint of the system’s architecture, ensuring that all components integrate seamlessly for optimal functionality. Effective system design addresses potential challenges in hardware compatibility, scalability, and power efficiency, leading to robust and reliable electronic products. It also anticipates future technological advancements, allowing for easier upgrades and adaptability. Moreover, a well-thought-out system design can significantly reduce development time and costs, while enhancing product performance and customer satisfaction.

Circuit diagram

Once we have a system plan, we design a circuit diagram. We have more than ten years of experience in designing high-speed, RF, analog circuits, power supplies and complex, high-integration electronics. We have also gained significant experience in IoT solutions in recent years.

Printed circuit board design

Following the circuit diagram design is one of the most important parts of our work, the design of the printed circuits. We hold circuit design courses year after year for our partners as well as university students. We have outstanding design experience in the following areas:

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering plays a vital role in hardware development, particularly in the realm of electronics where the integration of physical components and board layout is critical. This discipline ensures that PCB layouts are designed with mechanical considerations in mind, preventing interferences that could arise due to space constraints or the physical placement of components. Mechanical engineers utilize STEP models, a standardized 3D file format, as a common language to bridge the gap between electronic and mechanical design. This collaboration ensures that both electronic and mechanical aspects of the hardware are in harmony, leading to efficient, reliable, and manufacturable products. The synergy between PCB layout and mechanical design underscores the importance of mechanical engineering in creating cohesive and functional hardware systems.

Embedded software development

One of the most exciting stages of our work is when we breathe life into the meticulously developed circuits. This pivotal process in embedded development is not merely about hardware assembly; it’s an artful integration of ingenious algorithms. These algorithms are the heartbeat of our devices, empowering them to become more than mere assemblies of components. They transform into intelligent devices, revolutionizing how we interact with technology in diverse aspects of our daily lives. It’s a testament to the seamless blend of innovation and utility, where each device we create is not just a product but a solution, enhancing life’s efficiency and simplicity.

Who we are?

ZANE systems Kft.

ZANE systems LLC was founded in 2012 by electrical engineer Zoltán Erdei. The company was established to meet the needs of foreign and domestic circuit design, accordingly, the main activity of the company from the very beginning is the production of electronic circuit board and electronic design. Creating a design office capable of designing world-class electronic products played a very important role in founding the company. Our mission is to show that Hungarian electronics professionals can stand their ground not only in electronics contract manufacturing, but also in design.

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